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By definition, a sanctuary is sacred space, but just as importantly, it is safe space. The Sanctuary of the Magdalene reaches out and embraces all those who are questing and questioning; searching for a vital and living spiritual life in the midst of tumultuous times. Our “grail” is our deep belief in an alternative form of Christianity that has been all but lost in the mists of time. We invite you to envision a Christianity with a man and a woman, a loving couple, at its center. Envision a Christianity of love, not fear. Envision a Christianity that embraces in a circle instead of separating with strict boundary lines. This is what we are re-creating. It existed a thousand years ago in France as the Cathar Church of Love. We believe the time is right for it to be restored and enlivened as a source of Love and Light once again.

Because we feel called to bring these teachings out of the darkness into the light of day, we have created the Sanctuary of the Magdalene to embody the outer mysteries of a new mystery school. We believe in the prophecy that the desert will indeed bloom and that light will come out of the darkness. The Rose takes root in the desert wilderness. The journey continues as the waters of ancient wisdom flow into the “Holy of Holies,” the Order of St. Mary Magdalene, keeper of the inner mysteries.

We offer an open invitation to all to explore and grow with us in an atmosphere of acceptance and safety. We are a non-denominational community that honors and respects all religious traditions. We do not discriminate on the basis of a person’s religious affiliation nor on any other basis of race, gender or creed. As a bridge between the traditional and the non-traditional, we are dedicated to teaching and healing as in the ancient Melchizedek priesthood, yet we are doing Godde’s work within a new paradigm. We choose to stand as empowered pillars of Light and Love in a world of transformation; in a world that is being re-born into a higher level of consciousness. We choose to believe that the Divine is a Godde of Love and Light. In that Light, there is no darkness; in that Love, there is no fear; so we strive to trust always in that Love and live always in that Light, and fear not. Thus, the goal of our spiritual life together is the balance of the masculine and feminine energies such that partnership and sacred union become the path to ascension.

Come share with us your questions and your doubts within the embrace of the Rose. Come walk the Path of the Rose which the Sacred Feminine reveals to us at this critical time. United in Love, we are all One in Spirit and in Truth.